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School Lane

The Dallal-Marziano residence at School Lane is a 100 year old shingle style house located in Scarsdale, New York. The design for two independent additions and the resultant interior renovations are intended to expand the rather simple ‘railroad’ style floor plan into the generous grounds while maintaining the existing character of the original house. A complete re-cladding of the exterior combined with the addition of stone walls and floors for the existing open porch and a new exterior terrace contribute to an effective blending of the old and new.




Cohawney Road

Steve Dallal of America Capital Corps. continues to celebrate years of historic renovations in this 100 year old Tudor style house. Ford Gillen designed an addition that allows for a more modern kitchen/ family/ great room and a new master bedroom suite above. The challenge of integrating this addition with the already existing fractured floor plan and strong character of exterior details was well worth the effort and has resulted in another fine example of blending old with new.

Complete renovation includes new replacement period style windows throughout, complete electrical and HVAC upgrades, replastering of all interior walls, refurbishing of all existing wood trim, new slate roof and gutters, new exterior stucco, stone patio and landscaping.

(Back of house) before (BACK OF HOUSE) AFTER


                            (FRONT OF HOUSE) AFTER                                                                  (BACK OF HOUSE) RENDERING


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