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Amherst College Chiller Plant, Amherst, MA
Chiller plant additions are additions to the Amherst College boiler house over the past five years to accommodate the staged installation of infrastructure required for cooling the campus from a new chilled water loop.  Our office designed the first phase in the late 1980s, and the glass faced design has been so popular that we encountered surprising concerns from the College community that the plant elevation design as seen from the campus not be compromised by the new additions.

Amherst College Newport Dormitory, Amherst, MA
For over a decade, FGA has specialized in the restoration of existing campus buildings, including a complete renovation of the 15,200 square foot Newport Dormitory at Amherst College.  The renovations included new roof, windows, complete accessibility upgrade, new utilities (with radiant floor heat), and new toilet rooms.

Department of Public Works, Northampton, MA
Ford Gillen Architects has been hired by the City of Northampton to replace the roof of the Department of Public Works Barns Building after preparing an investigative roof study.  The Barns Building originally garaged the trolleys that ran from Northampton to Amherst and was lit by twenty three skylights in the original roof.  FGA has designed a new PVC roof to replace the original roof which had begun to show signs of decay from water damage.

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City
As project architect, Kathy Ford (while working with Prentice & Chan Ohlausen Architects) managed the renovation of the main administration building of the Fashion Institute of Technology from preliminary design through construction, working with the Dormitory Authority, State of New York.  The renovations included the addition of a new academic computing center, a new building lobby to serve as the main entrance to this urban campus, and new facilities for the Admissions and Registrar’s offices.

The challenge was to build within the existing foundation and create an addition that would complement the existing 1940’s metal panel building system. The end result was the creation of a series of openings in the new addition that would match the character and scale of the original square windows. The combination of glass and brick was used in a way to separate the existing metal panel system from the new brick and accentuate the rhythm of the existing ‘colonnade’ facing an enclosed courtyard.

Guilford School, Guilford, VT
Guilford’s Elementary School was overcrowded. To meet the needs of the 224 students enrolled and the growing population of school-age children, the School Space Committee and the School Board voted unanimously to propose a 12,870 s.f. new building & renovation project. The project had three parts: (1) four new classrooms, (2) renovations to the present building, and (3) a new multi-purpose room/gymnasium. The completed facility serves all the citizens of the town day and night, during the school year, and in the summers for sports, recreation, art, music and public meetings.

Hardwick Elementary School, Gilbertville, MA
Gilbertville had not built a school since the early part of this century. The community was faced with growing demands for updated educational facilities and decided to design a new school on a forty acre site near the town center. The building was designed to fit within the local landscape of small farms by using one-level structures and sloping roofs reminiscent of the farm buildings that surround the site. At the middle of the school’s three wings is the media center which focuses the school’s pedestrian circulation and the building that houses 415 students. Through carefully conducted design working sessions with the committee, Ford Gillen Architects developed a plan, building form, and site design that met all of the committee’s requirements and also complimented the site.


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