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Both Bill and Kathy have a long history of working with historic structures and with programs that require sensitivity to a complex variety of issues.

Seelye Hall, Smith College
Ford Gillen was commissioned to design a new elevator for the historic Seelye Hall. In the process, Bill Gillen envisioned and created a new floor out of previously unused attic space which was able to house much needed faculty offices and the Center for Academic Development.  This $4.5 million project was constructed in nine months, about three times faster than a standard construction schedule.

New York Historical Society, New York City
The New York Historical Society in New York City is a cultural landmark on the west side of Central Park. The museum wanted to convert the vacant third floor galleries into the Luce Center, a space open to the public to view the whole of the museumís archives, most of which had been warehoused offsite for decades. Funded in part by an endowment, and in part by city grant money, the project had a fixed budget which dictated the need for innovation and a cost effective architectural solution.

The architects (Kathy Ford as project architect with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects) worked closely with technical consultants (mechanical, electrical, structural, lighting, and exhibit design) to create a prefabricated steel library shelving encased in glass with an integrated lighting program comprised of standard off the shelf items, and custom designed cases for paintings and sculptures. HVAC systems were carefully designed to provide humidity control, and structural systems designed to minimize additional loading to the 100+ year old building.

Memorial Hall, Northampton, MA
Memorial Hall is a historic municipal office building constructed circa 1890, shortly after City Hall, to function as the city library and museum. In 1992, Ford Gillen was hired to design exterior renovations for the building, including new roofing and flashing throughout, facade and site renovations, and replacement of decorative iron work. Ford Gillen also did a feasibility study to make the building fully accessible and to create an accessible homeless shelter in the basement.  The result was the installation of a new four stop elevator which was completed in 2001.

The Sycamores, South Hadley, MA
In 1996, Ford Gillen was hired to prepare a feasibility study for the renovation of the Sycamores in South Hadley, MA. With a grant from Mass Historic, FGA teamed with Greg Farmer and Wayne King to prepare construction documents for the exterior restoration of the building.  Restoration included new wood and copper roofs, porches, verification of structural loading, and de-leading of exterior paint surfaces. This project was completed in 2000.

Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church, Brookfield, MA
In another FGA, Greg Farmer and Wayne King team effort, and a grant from Mass Historic provided funds for the necessary design documents required for the design guidance for the rebuilding of the tower turrets and recommendations for reinforcing the existing turret walls. Ford Gillen was subsequently hired to prepare a feasibility study of next steps to address the future growth of the church.

Emily Dickinson Homestead & the Evergreens, Amherst, MA
Ford Gillen worked with Amherst College to design the new visitor's center at the Emily Dickinson Homestead in Amherst as well as renovations to the Evergreens next door.